Types of Multicookers

Good kitchen appliances are what every woman that loves cooking would like to have. Luckily, it is not a problem today. You can come to any shopping mall and find a store with excellent high-quality kitchen appliances. However, abundant choice sometimes makes it difficult to choose. 70 years ago it was easier to choose a frying pan because there were very few. Today you will be puzzled by a number of sizes, surfaces and extra โ€œcapabilitiesโ€.

A multi cooker is one of those kitchen appliances that a hard to choose. Why? There are more than 2  brands of cookers and you should know the difference between the two of them. Even if you spend hours on the internet, you will be confused by a huge number of multicookers and their features. Still cannot decide whether you need a slow cooker or a pressure cooker?

Functions of Multicookers

Multicooker is a device that our great-grandmothers used to dream about. Why? These wonderful kitchen appliances combine functions of different devices. What can be done with a  multicooker?

  • You can fry. If you love fried meat but you want to eat healthily, you need to get a multicooker. Hot wings will taste delicious.
  • You can bake.  It is a great device to make biscuits and cakes.
  • You can steam. Just add some water to stew vegetables, meat or even seafood. It is recommended to use a timer not to overcook a dish.

Multicooker substitutes not only a frying pan or a pan. It is great cookware also for cooking pasta, rice, and many other dishes. However, before buying a particular model, read its specifications to make sure it cooks what you need. For example, some cookers do not cook rice.

Selecting a Good Multicooker

When selecting one, pay attention to its size. The medium-size cooker is enough for a family of four people. If you need cookware for one or two people, get a small one. Once you have made up your mind regarding the size, you need to choose between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker. The first cookware is a pot or pans having a valve that allows controlling pressure in the pot. During the process of cooking, the liquid creates, which raises pressure.

The benefits of this type of cookers are that they can cook delicious pork and excellent meat. Pressure cooker ensures quick preparation of food while slow cooker has the opposite function. This type of cookware is better for stewed dishes and soups. Delicate vegetables such as tomatoes should be added at the last stage of the cooking process. One of the benefits of slow cookers is they are cheaper than pressure cookers.

When it comes to buying a good cooker, pay attention to Fagorโ€™s, Cuisinartโ€™s, and Instant Pot. These are on the list of the best kitchen appliances considering value for money criterion. Get one for yourself to make the cooking process easier.  

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