Choosing the Best Steam Cooker

Would you like to make your home meals healthier? Consider buying a steam cooker. Not only does it cook in the healthiest way possible, but it is also incredibly simple to use. No fat is involved, and all the nutrients are locked in. That is if you choose your model wisely. A good electric steamer is the perfect kitchen appliance. Here are the main guidelines to help you.


Most commonly, a steamer will consist of three-tiered containers that may be used separately if needed. The holes in their bottom allow steam to pass through. While cooking, you may sometimes rearrange them based on the different temperature. Alternatively, they may fit inside one another for convenient storage. In some models, compartments have removable bases to enable cooking of larger items, such as whole chickens.


There are many affordable options available, so you do not have to splurge. Your local supermarkets may be selling these for as little as ยฃ15! Naturally, more sophisticated models cost more but offer enhanced capacity and extras, such as a timer or delayed start.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning a steam cooker may be tricky. Hence,  it is best to look for dishwasher-safe parts, such as compartments, lids and removable drip trays


Most models are equipped with a 60-minute cooking timer. This may be a dial or digital, depending on the price. Pricier steamers also allow delayed start, which means you may set them to start cooking at a certain time later in the day.

Water Level

A visible gauge will tell you if you have filled the steamer completely. Importantly, most electric models may be topped up while on, and they beep if the water is running out. There may be a special external inlet for safe topping up.

Keeping Food Warm

A good steamer will keep the food at a certain temperature for one-two hours after cooking, often doing so automatically. Naturally, this requires a sufficient amount of water.

Rice Cooker

If you love rice, consider models with this feature. Steaming rice this way is a longer cooking method, but the result will not disappoint you. For a perfect fluffy bowl, insert a special steam dish into one of the compartments.

All in all, a steam cooker will be a valuable addition to your kitchenware. Choose a versatile model that is easy to clean and operate, and your homemade dishes will be healthy and delicious.

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