A Toaster For A Perfect Breakfast

There are two things a good toaster must do well: brown the bread and toast it evenly. As some models do not even fit a whole slice in their slot, you need to choose carefully. While the quality of browning may be deduced from customer reviews, there is more to bear in mind. Follow these guidelines for perfect breakfast toast. The order of their prioritization is entirely up to you.

  • Power

Here, aim for the optimal level of 1200kW for two slots and 1800kW for four. Obviously, the more power a toaster consumes, the faster it browns the slices. In terms of energy efficiency, you should look at the number of slots that heat up at the same time and whether you may change it. Uneven toasting is sure to occur if two slots are turned on to brown a single slice – more than is necessary.

  • Size

Consider the amount of free space on the worktop and the number of eaters.  There are two-slot models, four-slot and impressive six-slot ones. In general, for a big family, the more the better.

  • Browning

Inside each of its slots, every toaster has special browning elements. The longer the distance between them, the less likely it is that your pieces will be browned evenly.    

  • Service Life

Obviously, this is determined by the frequency of cleaning and the quality of toaster parts. A well-built and usually more expensive model should be expected to have a longer lifespan. Make sure to keep your crumb tray clean and check if the manufacturer provides repairs.

  • Extras

Here are some of the most common extras you might want your device to include.

  • Reheating

This usually involves a 1-minute cycle, and it is handy when you are unable to eat the toast before it goes cold.

  • Defrosting

If you have a habit of freezing your bread, this option is for you.  This way, the slice will first be warmed up and later toasted in a single cycle.

  • Crumb Tray

As the name suggests, this part is meant to capture loose crumbs. It can be taken out and cleaned, and the cleaner you keep it, the longer your toaster will work.  

  • Cancel

This is a basic feature enabling users to stop the process mid-cycle.

  • Extra lift

This makes removal of toasted slices much easier and reduces the risk of burning your fingers.

  • Countdown Timer

If you are so pushed for time that you absolutely have to know how soon your toast will be ready, look for models with a timer.

Overall, toasters nowadays often go beyond basic slice browning. Choose a model that fits your requirements and keep it clean. This way, you will enjoy well-toasted bread much longer.

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